What is the content?

Learn about the possibilities and potential that a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offers for your production. After a comprehensive analysis, we accompany you on your way to implementation by jointly identifying a suitable provider for your needs.

When does our offer suits you?

The manual creation of currently used key figures, such as Productivity and OEE are associated with a high workload in your organization. The rough and detailed planning takes place in different systems and media. Whether sufficient resources are available for a production order can’t be verified. The information is not provided on a paper-based basis.

How does our performance become your profit?

Boost your competitiveness with the introduction of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that provides a wide range of capabilities as needed. These include providing paperless work information, real-time resource review, auto-generated KPI dashboards, and system-based scheduling.

What can you expect?

We analyze - i.a. using a shopfloor walk - your current state and derive potential for the use of an MES, which are then converted into system functions. In a next step, we will create a long list of suitable providers for the implementation of the measures. Afterwards, our selection process leads through short interviews, pitch days and best practice visits to ultimately identify the solution provider that best meets your needs.


Initial Assessment Workshop: 14.900 EUR, Professional and methodical provider selection: By appointment


Reduce your turnaround time and increase
your efficiency with information that is
available electronically and
transparently at the right time!