What is the content?

Develop with us a strong digital vision for your production and use it as a central element of your digital strategy.

When does our offer suits you?

The digital transformation and the unused technological possibilities suggest a possibility of further development of the factory and thus lead to new potentials. A reaction to the technological development of competitors is necessary and competitiveness must be further developed. However, the company lacks a concrete idea of the digital transformation of production.

How does our performance become your profit?

With the help of our experts, you can secure the excellent competitiveness and goal-oriented development of production under the changing conditions of digital transformation by developing a strong vision for digital transformation. In doing so, you take into account versatile factors such as culture, people, core competencies, leadership & organizational structure, assembly & manufacturing & intralogistics, automation, start-up management, waste-free and process standardization. Learn to connect lean management paradigms with smart elements: digitization, automation, assistance, new work, networking, digitally supported communication ...

What can you expect?

We develop your digital vision together using a holistic mix of methods. First, our experts conduct an interview series of eight to ten surveys in your company in order to analyze and work out the relevant dimensions and framework conditions in the factory environment. With the detailed presentation of the evaluated results, we develop a first feeling for the relevant cornerstones of a possible digital strategy. In addition, we will jointly visit a real best-practice production relevant to you, from which you will take inspiration for your own digital vision. In the subsequent Blue Sky Workshop, we stage scenarios for your factory under real conditions and formulate a blue sky vision tailored to your needs.

Dr. Jochen Schlick, Senior Partner & Co-Founder
Dr. Jochen Schlick
Senior Partner & Co-Founder


50.000 EUR


Strategize your business through the
transformation of digitalization by
building a strong and sustainable