What is the content?

Which detailed optimization potentials arise through Industrie 4.0 technologies and in your production? Find out and develop tailor-made pilot project approaches together with our experts.

When does our offer suits you?

The production in your company is based on the usual Lean principles or is already optimized. Now you are faced with the challenge of using the possibilities of digitization and Industrie 4.0 for your production. However, here you lack an overview of technologies or you are unsure in what scope and with what benefit you can use this useful in your production.

How does our performance become your profit?

We would like to accompany you with our knowledge and experience about the possibilities of Industrie 4.0 on your way to the Smart Factory. To this end, we jointly identify optimization potential for your production and derive from this a number of concrete and evaluated pilot project approaches for you. They receive well-founded and innovative assistance in breaking into digital terrain.

What can you expect?

As a first step, we will first look at your value stream in general and look for waste on a digital Muda Walk. Subsequently, we examine selected focus areas in detail and describe the identified potentials in a standardized, structured and succinct manner. Thus, a thematic memory is built on individual optimization potential, which is then evaluated and prioritized in a team as a next step. The central results as well as the derived evaluation matrix are presented in the team decision-makers from your home. This creates the necessary awareness of digitization measures against the background of your processes - with traction and reality.


19.900 EUR


Take the step into the Digital Age by
investing in professional support and
learning about the concrete optimization
opportunities that a smart factory will
bring to you.